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We help brands and agencies optimize their Amazon Ads investments and understand their customers with unique data, insights and professional execution.

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Amazon Marketing Cloud Strategy, Execution and Ad Hoc Technology for Brands

Our service combines our experience in managing large brands at Amazon Worldwide, with our technology from Amazon Marketing Cloud and a specialized advertising and data senior team. 

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Azzgy is your 360º business partner for the development and execution of your AMC strategies. We combine technological, strategic, and operational capabilities to help you improve the return on your Amazon Ads Campaigns investments and understand your customers with exclusive insights and actionable data. 

Azzgy’s Strategy for Brands 

4-Step Approach

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LAYER / 02


LAYER / 03


LAYER / 04



Advertising Campaigns


Campaign Impressions

New-To-Brand Purchases 

Example of Dashboard - New-To-Brand Sales Report

Here we can zoom in on how many and what percentage of sales & units are New-To-Brand (NTB) purchases and repeat purchases at campaign level. This determines the impact of campaigns in term of generating NTB purchases.

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Amazon Marketing Cloud 

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