Amazon Marketing Cloud Standard Reports queries and insights

At Azzgy we have a list of more than 50 predetermined Standard Reports to start syncing valuable data and insights so that any company can start applying them in its marketing and investment strategy. This is the first step so that we can begin to build, together with the brands, data usage of advertising investments models and dashboards to understand the full impact.

AMC Standard Reporting List

  • Conversions by Audience Segment with Impressions
  • DSP and Sponsored Ads Time of Day Performance
  • DSP Impression Frequency and Conversions
  • Insights and Data Interpretations
  • DSP Path to Conversion by Device
  • Sponsored Ads and DSP Overlap
  • Insights and Data Interpretations
  • New-to-brand gateway ASINs
  • Insights and data interpretation
  • New-to-brand Purchases
  • Insights and Data Interpretation
  • Audience Overlap Analysis
  • Path to Conversion by Campaign Groups
  • DSP Reach and Impression Frequency
  • Brands Traffic and Conversions
  • Path to Conversion Campaign
  • Time to Conversion
  • How to query Sponsored Ads Keywords
  • ASIN Purchase Overlap for Upselling
  • Measure Ad-Attributed Vehicle Purchases from Experian Auto
  •, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market – Online and In-Store Ad-Attributed Conversions by ASIN
  • Customer Value – Average Spending by Exposure Group
  • How to query Digital Subscriptions, Purchases, and Downloads
  • SAS – Site Overlap and Conversions
  • SAS – Campaign Overlap and Conversions
  • SAS – Amazon DSP Media Cost for SAS Attributed Conversions
  • Sponsored Display and DSP Overlap
  • Sponsored Display traffic
  • Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display Overlap
  • Sponsored Ads traffic with conversions Incremental Reach and Timing of Exposures DSP Campaign Performance by Geo Locations Ad Exposure Frequency and Conversions Custom Attribution of ASIN Conversions to SAS traffic
  • Custom Attribution – Position Based
  • Custom Attribution – First Touch
  • Custom Attribution – Last Touch
  • Custom Attribution – Linear
  • Documentation – Custom Attribution Overview How to Measure Online Ad-attributed Purchases across Whole Foods Market, Fresh, and
  • DSP OS Device KPIs by Line Item and Supply Source
  • How to Filter by Custom Date
  • Join Impressions and Clicks using UNION ALL ASIN conversions tracked item vs. tracked asin How to Trim Strings
  • How to Measure In-Store Conversions
  • How to Calculate Viewability Rate Ad-attributed Branded Searches
  • DSP Display and Streaming TV Overlap DSP Display, Streaming TV and Sponsored Products Three Way Overlap
  • How to Filter by Ad Product Type
  • DSP Supply Sources Triple Overlap
  • How to Filter Text Strings
  • How to Calculate Campaign Cost
  • Sponsored Products and DSP Display Overlap New-to-brand customers

Do you want to get these AMC Reports for your brand?

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So, if you’re looking to take your Amazon advertising to the next level, consider partnering with a trusted and experienced consulting company like us to unlock your full potential on the platform.