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Business Cases from some of our customers


Path to Conversion by Campaign Group

It refers to the series of steps that a potential customer takes to move from being aware of your product or service to making a purchase.


DSP Optimal Ad Frequency

This report is an example of measuring optimal impression frequency for DSP campaigns by various conversion metrics.


New-To-Brand Purchases

N-to-B typically use data and insights to target audiences who are likely to be interested in a brand’s products or services, but who have not yet engaged with the brand.


DSP Targeted Audience

This is a powerful tool that provides brands with targeted audience insights to help them reach their target customers more effectively.


Time of Day Performance

Amazon Time per Day Performance Advertising empowers advertisers to make data-driven decisions that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their advertising budgets.

DSP Path to Conversion by Device​


DSP Path to Conversion by Device

This is report is a type of report that provides insights into the various steps or touchpoints that customers go through before making a purchase or completing a desired action.

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