Amazon Marketing Cloud Technology

Tizzona Tech by fredda

We have developed proprietary technology specialized in AMC to optimize your Amazon Ads campaigns to the maximum, get to know your customers, increase sales and obtain exclusive insights

How can we help brands with
AMC Tech Reporting?

Our AMC Standard Data, Insights & Reports

At Azzgy we have a list of more than 50 predetermined Standard Reports to start syncing valuable data and insights so that any company can start applying them in its marketing and investment strategy. 

This is the first step so that we can begin to build, together with the brands, data usage of advertising investments.

Report Examples

  • New-To-Brand Purchases & Customers
  • Path to Conversion Campaigns
  • DSP Reach & Impressions frecuency
  • Sponsored Ads & DSP Overlap


We Create AMC Custom Data, Insights & Reports

We build custom dashboards for our brand customers with their key data and insights, tailored to your objectives.

Data is essential for any high-performance marketing team and the dashboards are crucial for centralising all this data, generating business insights and enrich their advertising measurement by supplying customisable reporting on event-level data.


  • Understand the needs of your campaigns
  • Maximize your investment and boost the conversions
  • Improve your campaign results and budget allocations
  • Combine media channels
  • Reach incremental audiences
  • Robust advanced reporting

How does Azzgy and AMC protect your data?


Amazon Marketing Cloud is designed to maintain end-customer privacy, so it only returns aggregate analytics. No individual user data is ever returned from the Amazon Marketing Cloud.


AMC also lets marketers join advertiser data to Amazon events data, creating an even more robust opportunity for cross-channel analytics, as well as the option to enable custom attribution. Like user data, advertiser data is protected, meaning neither the advertiser nor Amazon can access each other’s event-level data.

Extra Amazon-Data sourcing by fredda.®

Our Amazon enterprise technology – fredda. – has been specifically developed to help big brands make better decisions based on data. 

We structure both the brand’s data (API + own tech) and that of the competition and the different competitive environments to be quick in strategy and decision-making, improving sales, positioning, efficiency, and obtaining insights applicable to the business.


  • Market Share: Organic + Advertising + Aggregated Data
  • Amazon Retail & Brand Analytics
  • SEO, Rakings, Content optimization & Benchmarking
  •  Full-funnel Advertising Data
  • Brand Reputation & Advance Pricing Tool

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All information in an advertiser’s AMC instance is handled in strict accordance with Amazon’s privacy policies

Data & Strategy

AMC is cloud space that enables storing and analyzing different datasets – both from the advertisers and Amazon Ads 

Reporting & Strategy

At Azz we have a list of more than 50 predetermined Standard Reports to start syncing valuable data and insights

Accelerate decision-making of your business through data analysis.

We are the leading consultant in Amazon Marketing Cloud Services