Propietary AMC technology Tizzona by fredda.®

We use data, technology, and analytics to help the brands make their advertising more accurate. 

Our service combines our experience in managing large brands at Amazon Worldwide, with our technology from Amazon Marketing Cloud and an ultra-specialized senior team.

amazon marketing cloud

Custom dashboards

Data is essential for any high-performance marketing team and the dashboards are crucial for centralising all this data and generating business insights.

We build custom dashboards for our brand customers with their key data and insights. We also can add other customer data sources or from our Amazon fredda.® technology.


Advance brand analytics

Campaign measurement, audience analysis, media optimisation and much more.



Secure, private and safe

All information in an advertiser’s AMC instance is handled in strict accordance with Amazon’s privacy policies. Your own data sets cannot be exported or accessed by Amazon.

amc security

Omni-channel impact

Evaluate how Amazon media campaigns drive engagement and sales on and off Amazon.

amazon omnichannel

Journey assessment

Analyze the sequence, frequency, and types of audience interactions on path to conversion.

amc consultancy

Exclusive Amazon Data

Extra Amazon-Data sourcing by fredda.® – retail, competition, pricing, content optimisation, sales, promotions and much more.

amc consultancy

Consulting + Tech + Know-how + Exclusive Data