New-to-Brand Purchases Report (by sales and units)

The New-To-Brand (NTB) metric in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a way to measure the effectiveness of a brand’s advertising campaigns in driving new customers to purchase their products on Amazon. The emergence of tools such as Amazon Marketing Cloud has resulted in a new focal point for marketers – the New-To-Brand (NTB) rate. The […]

Amazon Marketing Cloud prioritises privacy and security

A Privacy-safe environment All information in an advertiser’s AMC instance is handled in strict accordance with Amazon’s privacy policies. Your own data sets cannot be exported or accessed by Amazon. * Amazon Marketing Cloud prioritises privacy and security AMC only accepts pseudonymized data sets and all information in your AMC instance is handled in strict […]

Amazon Marketing Cloud Standard Reports queries and insights

At Azzgy we have a list of more than 50 predetermined Standard Reports to start syncing valuable data and insights so that any company can start applying them in its marketing and investment strategy. This is the first step so that we can begin to build, together with the brands, data usage of advertising investments […]

Path to Conversion by Campaign Group

What is the Path to conversion ? – A Path to Conversion report is a type of report that provides insights into the various steps or touchpoints that customers go through before making a purchase or completing a desired action on a website. It helps marketers to understand the customer journey and how different marketing […]

DSP Optimal Ad Frequency​ Reporting

What is the DSP Optimal Ad Frecuency ? – A DSP Optimal Ad Frequency report is a type of report generated by a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) that provides insights into the optimal frequency at which to display ads to a specific target audience. The report is based on data collected from the DSP’s ad campaigns […]

Amazon Marketing Cloud Technology for Brands

As marketers, we face several hurdles when promoting our products and services. Perhaps two of the most challenging aspects of our roles are identifying the activities that will help us build brand equity and showing the value of our efforts to stakeholders—especially those in the business who might think it’s all a bit ‘smoke and […]

10 Amazon Marketing Cloud benefits and insights for brands


In 2022, we listed out the trends that would define how brands create content and go to market. Some of them played out just as expected and are still very relevant today. But 2022 was also filled with some unexpected challenges. Inflation, stock market volatility, and a general feeling of uncertainty made for a tougher year than […]

Our +50 Standard Reporting List on AMC

The reasons we love a certain brand of sneakers probably have more to do with our brains than our feet. As consumers, we like to think we favor a brand because of objective factors, such as product quality or price. But insights from psychology suggest that our feelings and identities may have a greater influence […]

What types of data can AMC report on?

amazon marketing cloud

For many companies, the ever-increasing volume of channels and end-user touchpoints can already be daunting. This, combined with the growing demand for companies to deliver more content, more consistently, and with greater agility, can lead to content chaos. However, some companies not only effortlessly manage their huge volume of content, but they also use content […]

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud? – The Ultimate Guide

How can you build exceptional content experiences and what value does it provide in the digital economy today? In our recent webinar, Nick Barber, VP at Insight Partners, and Brian Kavanaugh, Director of Global Field and Customer Marketing at Bynder, lay out the key advantages a strategic DAM provides for organizations looking to get more value from their […]